Business Mediation

Business mediation offers to the parties a private and confident way of solving their dispute, where the parties can be adaptable in their approach for reaching a settlement free from the limitation of the court and legal environment.

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In mediation, the parties may reach a quick and acceptable solution in situations whereas a legal judgment is often rigid. Business mediation is a good way how to reach an agreement, reduce legal and administrative costs and use the time of the members of management members for more productive purposes.

Some examples of the possible types of commercial disputes are:

+  disputes with suppliers

+  clients/customers

+  franchises and business partners Business

Mediation is also used in disputes involving:

+  commercial long-time contracts where relationships between the contractors are important for the future cooperation, e.g. due to a long warranty period

+  boards of directors

+  damage to the company’s reputation

…. and other complex multi-party disputes.

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