Family Mediation

Mediation helps to restore what is valuable and find the best options for the future.

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Family is not an important thing, family is everything. MG Fox

Mediation helps:

+  in the middle of relationship or parental conflict

+  to negotiate simple and smooth separation during a court divorce procedure

+  to agree on child custody arrangements, exclusive or shared custody

+  to discuss parental responsibilities

+  to agree on alimony / child maintenance

+  to agree on education of your child

+  to negotiate a parenting plan

+  if you are advised by social services (OSPOD) to work on a parental agreement

+  to challenge an existing court decision

+  post-divorce negotiations – joint property division

+  to discuss options to narrow/extend the joint property

+  during a court divorce proceedings, including proceedings of appeal

We work with Czech, foreign, and mixed nationality couples, whether they are represented by an attorney or not. Multicultural and bilingual relationships are challenging and face the same issues as any other family. No more being “lost in translation”! Mediation can help in building understanding and overcoming misunderstandings based on different origins.

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